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Natural Carpets & Flooring

Natural Carpets

This is a tough fibre with a waxy consistency, perfect for functional areas, dining areas perhaps, where it's slightly reflective qualities also create a sense of increased space. We would recommend a Stain Inhibitor.

This course fibre comes from coconut husk and offers another very resilient options for hallways, corridors and other functional areas.

A naturally strong fibre created from the leaves of Agave Sisalana, which are crushed, washed, graded and then spun into yarn. Sisal offers a selection of distinct weaves, and tight weaves for example are ideal for hallways and corridors, offering a modern, attractive but hard-wearing surface.

Wool has a warm, luxury feel although at the same time is highly durable. It is naturally fire resistant and has amazing insulating factors, helping to keep your home warm and cosy. Wool will take dyes well, so the choice of colours is endless and of course is 100% natural. 

One of the most environmentally-friendly options, as the expired fibres can be recycled more than once. Jute is colour and light-fast, whilst durable a softer option recommended for bedrooms.

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