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Why Carpet Underlay Is Crucial To Your Purchase

It is very easy to purchase brand new carpet flooring and completely forget about whether or not you need carpet underlay for your new flooring.

Carpet underlay is vitally important when buying a new carpet floor, firstly it helps preserve and lengthen your carpets life span, while also protecting it from dents and indentations that could be caused by heavy furniture. The underlay helps cushion the carpet and will reduce any permanent markings that would incur without carpet underlay, because your new carpet is being pressed against the hard sub flooring and has no way of releasing the pressure against it.

Underlay also gives much more comfort and warmth under your feet, because you are walking on the cushioned material and it also helps with insulating against sound and heat loss, so your footsteps aren’t being broadcast around your home.

Many people will keep their original carpet underlay to save time and money when fitting new carpet flooring, but underlay does deteriorate over time and we recommend that you purchase new carpet underlay so that you can fully protect and preserve your brand new flooring.

There are different types of carpet underlay that go with different flooring and we recommend that you give us a call to discuss with one of our friendly team members which underlay is best for you after you have purchased your new flooring.

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