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How to extend the life of your Carpet

This article presents tips and ideas on how to maintain a clean carpet. Following these tips can help keep your carpet looking better for longer.


It is recommended and advised that you do not wear outdoor shoes indoors to prolong the life of your carpet.This is one of the biggest offenders of wear and tear and soiling on carpets. It is also not hygenic. Imagine what you have been treading in on that pavement and then sitting on the Living Room floor! Rubber soles, especially those of trainers, have a detrimental effect on carpets. The friction causes damage to the fibres and therefore premature wear. On stairs, the heels of footwear can often rub onto the riser causing the pile to gradually wear away.


One of the most efficient ways of looking after your carpet is to vacuum it frequently. Experts say that you should vacuum your carpet at 3 times a week, particularly in high traffic areas like Halls, Stairs, Landings and Living Rooms where the carpet is used more often. By vacuuming 3 times a week (once a week at least), your carpet will maintain a clean appearance as you will be removing any loose particles of dirt and dust before they become embedded into the carpet.

It is a myth not to vacuum a new carpet. This in fact does more harm than good. It will not harm your carpet to vacuum it as soon as it is laid and regularly after that. The new carpet will contain some short fibres. This can look quite, alarming, but it is only a small quantity of the pile weight and will not affect the carpets performance.

Depending on your type of carpet, will determine the type of vacuum cleaner you use. For cut pile carpets (Twists/Velvets/Saxonies), an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar is recommended. This helps to remove any loose fibres, especially when new as explained above and any grit. Without the beater bar the pile becomes flattened.

For loop pile carpets a suction only, cylinder type with no beather bar is recommended. This will protect the folded yarn loop from being pulled by a beater bar which causes 'pilling' (small balls of yarn/fibres) on the surface.

Remember the corners of the rooms or along skirting boards and attach a smaller nozzle that is designed to clean these tricky spaces. 

Professional Cleaning

You may occasionally need to give your carpet a clean. Some manufacturers warranites stipulate that this be done annually, however, if no warranty and your carpet is looking clean then there is no need to have the whole of your carpet cleaned too often. We do advise professional cleaning and can suggest local trades people to our customers.

Use Door/Barrier Mats

We advise the use of Barrier matting at external doors to protect your investment and to have them as large as possible. Too small and people step one foot on the matting and the other on your new carpet. Ideally, it needs to be large enough to be able to open the door and remove shoes without having to step onto the carpet/flooring. A mat outside helps wipe off any excess and inside to remove moisture. This is also the place to take your shoes off!

Choose The Right Type Of carpet  

Thinking ahead and considering the carpets durability before you purchase it is a very important factor. If your carpet is going to be used in a high traffic area then choosing a suitable colour is vital. Light carpets may look attractive but they will show soiling more readily. Choosing a darker shade would hide this. 

By following these simple tips you can extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking fresher and cleaner for longer. If however you are in need of a new carpet, then call in to see us in our showroom at Axminster, Devon. Here at Wells Carpet Brokers, we have a variety of carpets for you to choose from and a friendly team to aid you towards your right choice of flooring.

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