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How to extend the life of your Carpet

Changing carpet can be a total nuisance, you have to choose a new carpet to match your home, arrange a time that suits you and the carpet fitter and most often you will be required to move all the furniture out of the room before it is fitted. Research suggests that the average person changes their carpet every 5-7 years or when it begins to look tired, dirty and scruffy. However with the hassle that comes with changing your carpet it is no surprise that people want to extend the life of their carpets and keep them looking fresher for longer. This article will present tips and ideas on how to maintain a clean carpet appearance. 


One of the most efficient ways of looking after your carpet is to clean it frequently. Experts say that you should vacuum your carpet at least 3 times a week, particularly in high traffic areas like halls and communal living rooms where the carpet is used more often. By vacuuming 3 times a week your carpet will maintain a clean appearance as you will be removing any loose particles of dirt and dust before they become embedded into the carpet. It is important that you are using a reliable vacuum that has enough power suction to remove all loose particles effectively. It is recommended that upright vacuums are the best for removing all dirt on the main area of the floor’s surface however to get in the corners of the rooms or along the skirting board you are best attaching a smaller nozzle that is designed to clean these tricky spaces. 

Professional / Thorough Cleaning

It is all well and good vacuuming your carpet frequently however it is also a great idea to give your carpet a thorough clean annually or if possible twice a year. You can hire professional cleaners to come in and do this for you, however there are some tips that you can follow and do it yourself if you would prefer.  Using a wet cloth you should wipe down the top of the carpet to make it damp and remove any excess particles.  Invest in a proper cleaning solution and let your scrubbing brush soak in this for at least 5 minutes beforehand and give your carpet a good scrub. Once you have done this rinse your brush and put it under clear running water to discard of any excess soap and then scrub the carpet again. You will need to let your carpet dry so you might be better off opening all of your windows to get the air circulating. If you are thinking of cleaning a large area of carpet you might be better off investing in a professional cleaner who will have all the suitable cleaning appliances and products. Likewise, if you are not confident of how to clean your carpet without damaging it (we recommend following a more specific guide than this) then best to get the professionals in.

Use Door Mats & Rugs

Another top tip that advises you how you can extend the life of your carpet is to use door mats and rugs where possible. By putting a durable door mat by every exterior door you will hopefully be reducing the dirt that is transported through the rest of your carpet as the door mat will trap these particles and prevent them from being walked through. It has been suggested that bristle door mats are the best for taking the dirt off your shoes. You can also place rugs on top of your carpet to ultimately reduce your carpets wear. Rugs can also often add that extra little something and make the room or space more attractive or more appealing. 

Choose The Right Type Of carpet  

Thinking ahead and considering the carpets durability before you purchase it is a very important factor that should not be pushed aside. If your carpet is going to be used in a high traffic area then choosing a suitable colour is vital. Light carpets may look the most attractive but they are the type of carpets that show up even the tiniest bit of dirt. You would be better off choosing a darker coloured carpet that would be better at disguising the dirt. Another thing to consider when choosing the right carpet for you is its quality; thin carpets wear easily and will most likely have to be changed more frequently. If you invest in a thicker more durable carpet it should maintain its appearance for longer and extend the time before you have to get a new one. 

By following these simple tips and making small adjustments you can extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking fresher and cleaner for longer. If however you are in need of a new carpet then Axminster carpets Devon is a great place to start. Here at Wells Carpet Brokers we have a variety of carpets for you to choose from including; natural carpets, seagrass carpet and so on.

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