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Choosing the right colour carpet for your home.

Your carpet is likely to be in your house for a lengthy period of time making the decision to choose the right colour all that more important. Buying and fitting your carpet is a costly expense so when it comes to choosing the colour for your carpet there are certain things you will need to consider ensuring that you will be happy with your choice. 

Design match. Unless you are redecorating the whole of your room you will need to choose a colour carpet that fits well with your existing colour scheme. Most people play it safe when it comes to choosing carpets often opting for neutral colours like beiges, creams and browns. You can’t really go wrong with these colours as they complement nearly all other colours and shades that you might already have in the room. 

Level of traffic. It is important to remember that carpets with a lighter colour will often show dirt more easily, so if your are looking for a carpet that is going to be fitted in an area that has high traffic you might want to consider a darker colour. 

Where the carpet is for. This is surprisingly a very important aspect that can greatly affect your choice of colour. For each room you want to consider what the possibility is of the carpet being damaged. For example if you are choosing a carpet for your bedroom and you are aware that you drop beauty products or makeup frequently then you might want to opt for a darker carpet. The same applies for carpets in rooms where food or drink is consumed regularly or in children’s play rooms where you can expect for things to be spilt. 

Use of space. Another factor that you need to consider is what you are trying to achieve by getting a new carpet. Are you looking to make a statement, tone down the colour in the room, lighten the room or darken the room? These are all questions you might want to ask yourself prior to choosing your carpet. If you are looking to carpet a small room that is limited in its natural light supply then you might want to opt for a light carpet as a dark carpet might make the room feel smaller and overcrowded. Similarly if you have a large open space then a darker / brighter colour might be the perfect option to adding some character to the room. It is thought that darker carpets are more susceptible to the issue of fading, therefore you should also consider if your carpet is going to be in direct sun light for any prolonged periods of time. 

Are you happy with your choice? This might seem like an obvious question but you need to make sure you are 100% happy with your choice of carpet so that you don’t regret your decision days after it has been fitted. 

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