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Maintaining Vinyl Flooring

If you have just purchased vinyl flooring, you want it to last for the longest possible time while keeping it looking as if it has just been newly laid. So make sure that you follow these simple tips so that you can get the most out of your new vinyl flooring.

Firstly it’s best to keep your floor clean at all times, by cleaning any dirt before it can do any damage to the flooring. If dirt is left for too long, more people will be standing on it and it will dig in to your brand new flooring and subsequently damage it. So making sure dirt is cleaned as soon as it hits the floor either with a sweeping brush or hoover is a great way of avoiding any internal damage to the floor.

Also make sure you don’t use any heavy duty cleaners or cleaning your floor too hard because that will also damage it, so try mopping with warm water gently as well as hoovering. If there is dirt that needs to be thoroughly cleaned, try to avoid using lots of water as washing your floor with too much water could result in it leaking through and damaging your underlay, while it could also make your flooring come up and curl on the edges. So just a damp cloth is advised when cleaning and if you have to use any cleaning products make sure that you wipe up any residue because that will then collect dirt and then we’re back to square one!

Another brilliant way of maintaining your vinyl flooring is to simply have a mat so that people can wipe their feet to avoid bringing in dirt. You'll be surprised how such a simple method can make the biggest difference.

Away from dirt, heavy furniture can also damage your floor so make sure that the furniture’s feet are cushioned so that it releases the pressure on the floor and they are also great for avoiding any scratches and scuffs when moving furniture.

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