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A guide to natural jute flooring

At Wells Carpet Brokers, Jute carpet is popular flooring choice by many of our customers due to its environmentally friendly and beautiful aesthetic properties.
This plant based flooring creates a stunning and stylish look often creating a luxury environment for people to enjoy. Jute carpet is most commonly laid in bedrooms bringing an air of freshness and lightness to the space. This natural flooring is produced from the stalks of the Corchorus Capsularisis plant in India. The fibre strands are where immersed in slow-running water after which they are dried in the open air, before being stripped and then spun into yarns for use in natural floorings.


Floor coverings made with Jute are not as hard-wearing as some of the other natural plant fibres, but has a softer feel, therefore it is advised for bedrooms only. It is important to maintain Jute, along with any other floor covering, regularly. It is recommended to vacuum with a non- beater bar type cleaner at least once a week. Due to its nature, Jute is prone to water marking if water is spilt, however, INTEC stain inhibition treatment is applied before cutting and despatch.

If you would like any more information regarding Jute or any other natural flooring that we have available at our Axminster showroom, then please contact us.

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