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Hard Flooring - Engineered, Natural and Laminate 

We offer a variety of hard flooring solutions including engineered hardwood, natural wood and laminate flooring. All these floors benefit from being easy to clean and maintain, and offer major advantages for people who suffer from allergies. Unlike carpets hard flooring doesn’t hold onto dirt, stains and dust. We offer some of the industries best brands of hard flooring which include V4, Woodpecker and Quickstep.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring is generally consists of a softwood core with a hardwood 'wear' layer on top. It’s available in a variety of lacquered or matt finishes to suit most decors whether that’s for a residential or office environment. While also being compatible with underfloor heating it's considered extremely strong. If looked after properly the floor will last you a lifetime.

Natural Wood Flooring can be extremely tough but its best feature is its uniqueness as no two pieces of wood are exactly the same. Due to the natural materials used this hard flooring is the most expensive but the finish is unmatched by any other flooring. If you become tired of the general colour you can sand the flooring down and finish them with stains and treatments several times over before they will need to be replaced. You do need to take care when cleaning as natural wood flooring can warp if exposed to prolonged dampness.

Laminate Flooring is the cheapest option but also the easier to install and is available in a variety of fabricated colours and finishes. Laminate flooring is the easiest hard flooring to clean so is often used in family homes or where pets are present. Laminate flooring can be dented with specific shoes and heavy furniture but is cost effective enough to be replaced if this happens.

Come to the shop and take a look at our samples, and we can advise on the best hard flooring option for your circumstances.


The Advantages of Hard Flooring

• Hard flooring is a cost effective solution with a lengthy life time

• Hard flooring is durable and wears well, it can withstand bangs and cracks and special sealant can be bought to protect it from scratches.

• hard flooring is very often water resistant and easy to clean. It is a good choice of flooring areas that are likely to see many spillages (such as kitchens or bathrooms).

• it has a very attractive image and with a quick clean or dust it can make a room look tidy and polished

• Hard flooring is great for allergy sufferers as it does not retain as much dust as carpets.

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