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Carpets vs Hard Flooring

For many years carpet has been the most popular flooring choice for most rooms in the majority of buildings with the exception of bathrooms and kitchens. However over the last decade or so there has been a substantial increase in the introduction and use of hard flooring as people are beginning to look for more durable flooring. Therefore when the time arrives to change your flooring people are no longer just deciding what type of carpet they want, instead they now have to make the decision as to whether they want carpet or hard flooring.  So if you are contemplating investing in some hard flooring here are some things to consider before you make the change.

Advantages of hard flooring:

• hard flooring can be the cost affective option, however like carpets there are a variety of hard floorings to choose so this is something worth considering

• hard flooring has a considerably lengthy life time

• hard flooring is durable and wears well, it can withstand bangs and cracks and special sealant can be bought to protect it from scratches.

• hard flooring is often water resistant

• hard flooring is easy to clean. It is often a good choice of flooring for areas that are likely to see many spillages

• it has a very attractive image and with a quick clean or dust it can make a room look tidy and polished

• good for allergy suffers as hard flooring does not retain as much dust as carpets

Disadvantages of hard flooring: 

• hard flooring can be dangerous particularly when wet it can be very slippery

• some people regard it to be cold and uncomfortable flooring particularly in the winter

• even with the application of sealants, some hard flooring is susceptible to scratching particularly from pets or various foot wears 

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